We want our users to be able to move from one Jisc website to the next and feel at home, understand the interface, and know they’re on one of our sites.

Whether you’re a writer, designer or developer these resources should help you achieve this.

Some of the advice and patterns are minimum requirements for a Jisc site, but most are just us sharing what we have - and hopefully saving you time in the process.

The pattern library should be useful for sketching and development alike. When it comes to implementing the code however, it’s been built with our skilled and knowledgeable developer community in mind so we have assumed a certain level of understanding.

If there’s a pattern we’ve missed, or one you do particularly well, then let us know. The library will grow and we’re looking to our community to help us do that. Likewise if you have any questions about the guidance then speak to us. The more we communicate and collaborate the better these resources become.

For more information about these resources read our blog, follow us on Twitter, or just get in touch.

Alternatively - get started.